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Landvac Glass for Heritage Windows in the East Counties and Greater London

Based in Norwich, Sash Window Preservation works across a wide area, helping our clients with innovative solutions for heritage windows. We provide Landvac Glass and vacuum glazing. Find out more below or get in touch now.


What is Vacuum Glazing?

Vacuum Glazing is highly efficient double glazing. Like standard double glazing, it is made with two panes of glass separated by a cavity. However, instead of the usual gas or air-filled cavity, all air is extracted, and the unit is completely sealed.


The effectiveness of the vacuum means that the gap between the two panes can be incredibly narrow – around 0.3mm. This narrow gap makes Vacuum Glazing the perfect choice for heritage windows which emulate single glazing. When incorporated into triple glazing, performance is increased without requiring changes to window profiles.

The benefits of vacuum glazing

  • Beautiful
    Ultra-Thin profile makes this perfect for conservation projects, with no double reflection.

  • Warm
    This product has exceptional thermal efficiency, exceeding triple glazing, but in an ultra thin profile.

  • Quiet
    Leading acoustic performance, without the need for thicker, heavier panes of glass.

  • Safe
    The LandVac unit is always constructed from two panes of 4mm toughened glass.

  • Reliable
    Industry leading 15-year warranties and an anticipated lifespan in excess of 25 years.

  • Sustainable
    The units are fully recyclable and have no noble gasses which are energy intensive to produce.

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Shapes of product

LandVac is available in a variety of shapes. Here are just a few examples.

For Landvac heritage vacuum glazing installations get in touch with Norwich based Sash Window Preservation on: 01603 908252 or 01223 927252. We cover all of the Greater London and East Counties areas.

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