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sash window replacement

The New Generation of vacuum insulating glass from Sash Window Preservation in Norwich

Relax in your home by choosing Fineo glass for your new windows. Contact us today to arrange a free quotation.


Vacuum Glazing - Less Is More

Sash Window Preservation is a fully accredited double glazing company with an excellent reputation. One of the reasons for our reputation is bringing the very best products to our customers. A new product we are very excited about is Fineo glass. This vacuum insulating glass combines exceptional thermal insulation with extreme thinness, the glass has a thickness of 6.7mm and a U-value of just 0.7. It’s fantastic insulation helps your home to stay warmer for longer as it allows more heat to enter your rooms than other glazing. It also has the added advantage of reducing your dependency on fossil fuels to heat your home.


With Fineo glass we can preserve your existing timber windows when fitting the glass, maintaining your home's unique characteristics and providing a sustainable solution for your new windows. Fineo will be installed by Energlaze approved installers, so you can be confident the work will be carried out to a very high standard.


Benefits of Fineo


  • Very thin glass with excellent insulation properties

  • Lets in 80% of natural daylight

  • Allows 15% more light to enter a room than a thicker triple glazed unit

  • Helps with sound reduction, outperforming its predecessors by up to 34%

  • Minimal routing to your frames required when fitting

Fineo Glass comparison
Fineo glass comparison table

If you are interested in having Fineo glass windows in your home get in touch with Norwich based Sash Window Preservation on: 01603 908252 or 01223 927252. We cover all of the East Counties and Greater London in addition to our local areas. Call today for a free quotation.

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