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Detached property with sash windows

Experts in sash windows, double glazing and draught proofing - call Sash Window Preservation


Bringing artisan to the 21st century

About Sash Window Preservation

Sash Window Preservation are specialists in double glazing, draught proofing and repairing wooden sash windows throughout eastern counties and Greater London.


We bring years of knowledge, craftsmanship and fine materials to the art of renovating, not to mention creating bespoke sash windows. We pride ourselves on our very friendly and courteous approach with the main priority of meeting the needs and expectations of our clients. We are truly passionate about preserving the heritage of our homes and feel that sash windows play a huge part in the appearance of a period property.


We are fully accredited so sit back, relax and be safe in the knowledge your windows are in good hands.

Sash Window Preservation van

You can get in touch with Sash Window Preservation either by completing our contact form or by calling us on 01603 908252 or 01223 927252.

Quote Consultation 

In the majority of cases we will aim to provide your quotes over video call. This means it's more convenient for you and we can be quicker to supply your quote. If you do need a face to face visit then we will still happily oblige.


Very shortly after you will receive a written quote from us giving you full details of the work we will carry out and the fee involved.


When the quote is approved and a 50% deposit is received, we will schedule another surveying appointment to take more detailed measurements. Shortly after we will schedule the work with you at a convenient time.

The Work

Our polite teams will ensure the work is carried out with the utmost respect for you and your property ensuring we clean up every evening, removing our shoes and taking the greatest care with your property. All windows are left secure overnight, giving you extra peace of mind.


When the work is completed to your satisfaction, payment will be required.

Customer Journey

Meet our team

Sash Window Preservation has a great team of specialists who can help with sash window repairs, draught proofing and double glazing installations.

Gary Collins

Operations Director

Gemeana Collins


Mug shot
Davey Cooper

Sales Manager

Alex Foye

Site Operative

Mug shot
Daryl Foy

Site Operative

Dan Frost

Site Operative

Ricky Florido

Managing Director

Alex Cuffley


Jack Brandish

Site Operative

Scott Yallop

Site Operative

Mug shot
Dan Mace

Site Operative

Simon Caley

Planning & Logistics Manager

Paul Nobbs

After Care Manager

Mug shot
Marie Florido

Customer Service Manager

Adam Cuffley

Site Operative

Mug shot
Shay Smith

Site Operative

Matthew Pask


Nick Frost

Site Operative

Robbie Revell

Site Operative

Mug shot
Richard Braybrook

Site Operative

Mug shot
Keila Bullen

Customer Service

Meet the team


Sustainability forms the foundation of Sash Window Preservation, shaping our methodology and practices since our inception in 2010. Our primary mission is to minimize our carbon footprint and move towards carbon-neutrality. We prioritize the reuse of existing sashes and, when necessary, we exclusively utilise FSC®️ and Cradle to Cradle Platinum Gold Certified Accoya treated wood. This material boasts a low carbon footprint, is non-toxic, and eliminates any risk of leaching harmful chemicals or synthetic compounds, ensuring safety for humans, pets, and the environment.


In instances where sashes need replacement, our customers are presented with the option to upcycle or reuse them in household projects, or we can responsibly recycle them ourselves. Currently, we achieve a 93% rate of recycling and reusing existing waste, with plans to further increase this figure towards 100%. Our fleet already includes two fully electric vehicles, and we aim to expand this environmentally friendly approach in the years to come. Clearly, sustainability lies at the core of our business, driving us to continually seek innovative ways to advance this commitment.


Below, you will find a list of policies, practices, and procedures that showcase our commitment to sustainability:

  1.  We currently have 15% of our fleet operating with fully electric vehicles, significantly reducing CO2 emissions. As technology advances, we plan to expand our electric fleet to meet the needs of our operations.

  2. Each quotation provided is completely bespoke, taking a holistic approach to conserving materials. We prioritize reusing materials such as timber, considering factors like timber condition, window depth, and molding type. This approach not only reduces CO2 emissions but also minimizes waste and costs for our clients.

  3. All Our timber is sourced sustainably, with all sashes crafted from Accoya Timber, ensuring environmental responsibility in our manufacturing process.

  4. All of our new joinery is produced in Norwich, UK, minimizing transportation emissions by delivering directly from our workshop to your property.

  5. Similarly, 97.5% of our new glazing units are manufactured in Norwich, UK, reducing transportation emissions and promoting local production.

  6. We recycle old sashes, further contributing to our efforts in waste reduction and sustainability.

  7. Half of our office staff work remotely at least once a week, reducing the carbon footprint of our operations.

  8. We are continuously improving our efficiency in order processing and on-site work, impressing customers with our swift and minimal presence on their property.

  9. Video quotes now account for 20% of our quotations, significantly decreasing our car emissions and embracing innovative technology for a more sustainable approach.


You can get in touch with Sash Window Preservation either by completing our contact form or by calling us on 01603 908252 or 01223 927252.

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