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sash window double glazing

Sash window double glazing services in the East Counties and Greater London

Norwich based Sash Window Preservation can help with sash window double glazing, just get in touch to arrange a competitive quotation.


Sash window double glazing

Sash Window Preservation can offer double glazing for your existing sash windows without the costly expense and disruption of replacing the whole sash box and frames. Using a slimlite double glazed unit, we are able to fit this into the existing frame which means the original look of the window is retained. By doing so, the homeowner gains all the thermal and sound benefits without compromising the charm, character or value of their property.


It is not often that I get blown away by a building product, but I find this absolutely extraordinary, it looks like a single pane of glass.


Kevin McCLoud (Grand Designs) 2009


Replacing the entire sash window can often lead to new windows that are not entirely in keeping with the period property. At Sash Window Preservation we believe the windows play a huge part in the appearance and character of the property.  By modifying the existing windows to accommodate a slim double glazed unit, the aesthetics of the property is retained.


With Sash Window Preservation you can be assured that the work will be completed to a very high standard. We are based in Norwich, working across the East Counties and London. We are CERTASS qualified and a CHAS accredited contractor, so a company you can completely rely upon. To arrange a competitive quotation, just give us a call or send us an email and we’ll get straight back in touch with you.

This comparison below shows just how effective our slim double glazed units are through the reduction in condensation, making them more energy efficient than usual windows.

Slim and double glazed windows

The benefits of double glazing

  • Sustainable

  • Cost-effective

  • Thermal improvements

  • Reduction in condensation

  • No double reflection

  • Narrow sight line

  • Noise reduction

  • Conservation approved

  • Less disruption to surrounding brickwork

double glazing

Get the thermal and sound benefits of sash window double glazing by calling Norwich based Sash Window Preservation on: 01603 908252 or 01223 927252. We cover all of the Greater London and East Counties areas.

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