Paper Room Interiors

We had the pleasure to work for Sarah from Paper Room Interiors who truly has a passion for her work.  Sarah is an interior designer based in Hampshire who prides her work being affordable, accessible and less scary for everyone.  You can visit her own personal interior design business page by clicking here

“I was so nervous about replacing our sash windows but as soon as I met Ricky, I knew they were the right people to work with. They were the first company I met who had genuine empathy for preserving the integrity of the property. They were really patient with me as we considered lots of alternatives of refurbishing and replacing. Every step of the process was easy and supported by a great team with excellent communication. And the results are totally stunning. Better than I could have ever imagined. For years I put up with draught, cold and condensation thinking it was impossible to achieve double glazing with the beauty of the original windows. But they totally nailed it. It is possible! Thank you Sash Windows for caring and delivering such a great product. As an Interior Designer I will definitely be recommending you to my clients”

Sarah Partington, Hampshire