The Oaksmere, Suffolk, Sash Window Restoration

Hotel, Oaksmere, Restoration, Suffolk

The Oaksmere (formerly know as The Cornwallis Arms) in Suffolk had a full major refurbishment throughout the property.  On certain elevations the windows were in sound condition.  However, due to the property being in an open some elevations were hit by the elements meaning lots of rotten windows that had been neglected.

Our specialist sash window restoration team were called in to ensure that any window or sill that needed replacing was manufactured bespoke to the original.  Great care and attention was placed on making sure the hotel was ready for launch night often working late hours when necessary.  In total approximately 25 sash windows were restored to their former glories with draught proofing added for good measure.

The Hotel is getting rave reviews for it’s wine, dine and recline atmosphere and we at Sash Window Preservation are proud to be a part of the refurbishment.   Be sure to visit the Oaksmere website by clicking here.  It showcases our fully restored windows in all their glory.

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