Draught Proofing, City Rd, Norwich

Draught Proofing, Norwich, testimonials

It seems there’s no better form of advertising than working.

Sash Window Preservation had the pleasure of working for neighbours who were experiencing similar problems to their sash windows on City Road in Norwich. First off Mrs. Matthews had 10 sash windows throughout her property which were rattling and draughty which we renovated for her.

She said of our service:

This company were extremely reasonable in price compared to other companies that we got a quote from. They were very professional and arrived at the time when they said they would- something rare in tradesmen! We were really pleased with the work that they did for us and have gone from having rickety windows to windows that are draught free, easy to put up and down but still retaining the character of our lovely old windows.

Whilst working her neighbour Mrs. Bond was impressed with the service we carried out and wanted us to undertake the same work on her sash windows which obviously we were very happy to do. Both jobs were successful and lovely people to work for.

Mrs. Bond said of our service:

The work was carried out on time with minimal disruption. We’re so glad we chose to have the windows renovated rather than replaced as the character of the house is maintained but with much improved noise and draught insulation.

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