double-glazing , St Neots

Double-glazing, Draught-proof brush system, Hardwood sills, St Neots

Late March weather brought us snow, but this didn’t stop us from double-glazing 10 sash windows and installing 10 new hardwood window sills to this property near St. Neots.

With the double-glazing offering a U-Value of 1.6 to 2.0, added to the installation of our draught proof brush system, the thermal performance of the property was dramatically improved. With the windows measuring over 2 meters tall our years of experience was called upon to ensure windows were removed and re-installed safely.

It was a real delight working for the client who showed a real interest. At times removing the sash pulleys to clean up with wire wool which worked a real treat for the final appearance of the windows. He said that the windows hadn’t opened since he moved into the property 20 years ago so to see them opening was a real thrill.

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