Double-glazing, Newmarket

Bay windows, Double-glazing, Draught Proofing, Newmarket

In August we had the pleasure in double-glazing 25 sash windows in Newmarket. With draught proofing coming as standard with this service the client was left with sash windows with their thermal performance vastly improved.

The client had previously seen us restoring and renovating some sash windows to another property in Newmarket and asked us to give her a quote.

Despite the windows being over 100 years old, they were in perfect condition. Another reason in double-glazing the existing sash window frames as not only are you left with sash windows that are still in keeping to the property, but also durable timber which will last for years to come.

(The image below shows the bottom bay sash window being double glazed, the top bay window still single glazed).

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